Besuch in Frankreich 2014

Recently we, the 10a, discussed a famous short story called „Water“ by Fred Leebron. Our task was to write poems based on said story. The poems received good feedback from the class. Therefore, we have decided to share them with the rest of the school as well. Here they are:

time goes on

the river flowing

my anger and frustration’s growing

they sit together undisturbed

kissing, loving, self-absorbed

I’ve had enough

this needs to end

I take the step

will kill my friend

my friend, my ex, my lover

is sitting with another

they return

can see their bodies burn

soon it’ll start snowing

still – the river’s flowing

by Zoë and Levin


By the water they sit

Touching, kissing

They don’t think of me

Caught up in their own bliss

In the apartment I sit

Working, loving her

I can’t stop thinking of them

Drowning in my jealousy

Here I am

In the kitchen

The gas stove in front of me

Satisfied I am when I leave

They won’t know

Lighting the cigarettes

They won’t believe

Love kills

by Eka

*In Greek mythology, Phthonos is the personification of jealousy.

Black Rose

Her hand

touches his hair and

moves down his back

My feet shake the picture wall

as I enter his apartment

slamming the door.

The keys he gave me to give plants life

will be the keys to take his life

Hissing sounds echo through the room

with the stove on.

The flock of geese they admire

while holding hands will end soon.

Soon enough their red rose

will turn black.

We’re strangers now.

by Shaqayeq

Explosive Love

She touches his hair by the river

thinking about that makes me shiver

I have his keys to enter his house

I’m planning my sabotages as quite as a mouse

They are having fun

I have to leave before the sun

The gas stove is on, I’m ready to leave

I’m planning to run so they don’t know it was me

They will enter the house

not having a clue

lighting a cigarette

will make their heads turn red and blue

Everything is ready

They won‘t think I’d loom

if everything goes to plan the building will go boooom

by Lea and Ben

Burning Heart

I see them at the river,


Down the river there are geese.

Didn’t buy his story

so I walk to his apartment.

The room smells like feet,

I turned the gas stove on,

hope they are harmed on repeat,

I feel so mad, I turn on the gas stove.

They are ready to smoke now.

The air smells,


For the heart they broke,

They deserve two hells.

Shredded cheese.

I got used to the hell of a burning heart,

now they get used to hell and burn.

by Lennart

While she’s gone with him

Little did she know

when she put on a show,

she knew

what’s awaiting her

when they finally get there.

Oh my, I am also waiting;

the time is happily passing, though

no matter I told her how often,

so, no way left but the oven.

In any way that I tried,

she felt like she thrived, so

may she enjoy her last hours, with him at the rivers

before the smelless gas covers.

No way they would notice

once I proudly turn on this

tiny flame of their cigarette

will end it all, I bet

I’ll finally feel free,

under this falling fall tree.

by Hasti

Where I used to care

I unlock the door,

Turn on the gas stove –

not move.

I think of the way she touches his hair

Bending his kissing face to hers,

At the river where I used to care.

I relock the apartment

When I think of them,

What I will leave behind.

Soon they will burn

While holding hands

And nothing will be left.

by Isabell